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Natuur & Milieu is an independent environmental organization committed to creating a healthy natural environment. We are creating this environment for people and with people. Here and everywhere, right now and in the future.

With our creative and innovative projects we offer solutions for a better future both for people and the environment. Through cooperation with individuals, businesses and governments we aim to make a difference in the fields of renewable energy, sustainable mobility and healthy food. We operate primarily in the Netherlands, but where relevant, we operate on a European and global scale as well.

Our approach is solution-oriented and innovative. We facilitate comprehensive change by bringing together people, knowledge and ideas. We form partnerships with sustainable businesses and organisations to expand our network and possibilities. Each project or initiative involves collaboration with a different member of society. Sometimes these relationships may be temporary, but we prefer long-term commitments with a shared goal. We also offer expert advice to policy makers and opinion formers  to help them make sustainable choices.

Ultimately, we want to redefine the sustainable choice as the attractive choice for everybody: for the consumer deciding what food to buy, for the CEO formulating company policy, and for the politician making decisions of national importance.

In brief, Natuur & Milieu:
– Addresses the major environmental problems;
– Seizes opportunities to enact positive change;
– Is determined, optimistic, solution-oriented and innovative;
– Partners with green industry, councils, and politicians.

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